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    13 Weeks Twin Pregnancy – Second Pregnancy, Non-Identical Twins, Post-Partum Depression

    Babies are the size of: A peapod (two peas in a pod) Cravings: Apple Juice Symptoms: Reflux, indigestion, constipation. Food aversions to almost everything! I’ve been feeling:  A bit anxious about how life will change with two newborns (I have a 23 month old son who is my absolute heart and soul and I can’t quite grasp sharing my attention with three children soon). I’m also scared about the postpartum period, I HATE postpartum, I had PPD and I don’t have my mother in the country to help me but I have my mother in law which is better than nothing I guess? Can you tell us about your experience being diagnosed with…

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    Adapting F45 while Pregnant (and Returning Postpartum)

    It’s only now that I look back on my pregnancy, labour, and – perhaps most especially – the ‘fourth trimester’ (three months postpartum) that I truly appreciate how staying fit and healthy helped me along that journey. I’ve had a lot of messages on my personal instagram about how I ‘bounced back’ so quickly, and a continuation of messages about my journey with F45 while pregnant, as well as the choice to return to exercise just a few weeks after having Teddy. I should start by saying, I did not experience severe morning sickness during my first trimester, but I was completely and utterly exhausted from the sixth week of…