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My Pregnancy Diary: 6 Weeks Pregnant

I am always overjoyed to share in your news and excitement of pregnancy! Many of my followers and previous little white book customers get in touch when they find out their amazing news, telling me they’re going to buy a pregnancy journal and also asking how I felt during early pregnancy. I started my own made with love pregnancy journal with both pregnancies so I thought it might actually be useful to share the contents of my own pregnant diary entries here, in the hope that it will help those who are going through the same emotions.

I’ve copied the format of the journal for these questions, so if you haven’t received your journal yet, you can start by thinking about these prompts (in bold). I also provide free downloads of the early weeks of the journal to subscribers, so feel free to subscribe to receive those.

6 Weeks Pregnant (First Pregnancy)

At 6 Weeks Pregnant during my first pregnancy I was very afraid of losing the baby, I couldn’t believe it was ‘real’ and wouldn’t allow myself to get excited – so I do mention miscarriage in my diary entry. I understand this can be triggering for those who have experienced a miscarriage, but I wanted to share this because I know I’m not the only one who feels like this during early pregnancy.

Baby is the size of a Pea!

Weight Up 2.5 kg on my Pre-Pregnancy weight

Cravings Coffee

Symptoms Exhausted

I’ve been feeling… totally exhausted, and hungry to compensate for zero energy. So I actually discovered I was pregnant after conceiving just 19 days earlier on 2 September (we were in Miami!), but the doctors had first dated me based on my August period so I was told we were seven weeks pregnant and I booked a scan for the following week.

The best news, which I must try to keep focussing on, is that we have a heartbeat (pictured listening to it!). Unfortunately though, we’re not 8 weeks, 3 days, but only 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant! Apparently we didn’t conceive until 02/09, 32 days after the first day of my LMP.

This is frustrating and it will make it harder to track my periods in future too. It also means we now aren’t quite so secure, and I realise how much I do worry about something going wrong. There’s nothing I can do, I know.

I’m most excited about… I’m not getting excited because I can’t believe that it’s real, and that it will “last” beyond the first trimester.

I keep looking at miscarriage statistics, I can’t relax. I’ve been going to the gym and boxing but my heart isn’t really in it – I’m scared of doing too much and losing the baby. I’m starting to think about nutrition and stress and trying to control my anxiety about losing the baby.

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be… Stay with me.