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32 Weeks Pregnant – Mid to Late Thirties

A first time mum shares her story on conceving in her mid to late thirties, read on to hear about her journey and see her journal entry at 32 Weeks pregnant!

Baby is the size of a: Large Cabbage!

Would you mind sharing how old you are? Totally fine re. Age! I’m 36 (will be 37 come due date)

Can you tell us about your fertility journey? We were actually really lucky with our conception journey. We had a heap of friends who needed to go down the IVF route so the advice we kept hearing was come off the pill ASAP! We figured we’d need to start trying ASAP after the wedding to give ourselves the best chance – and 2 / 3 days after we were married we fell pregnant (not that I knew so lived it up on honeymoon – EEK!!) When I count back now the timing ovulation wise from my app couldn’t have been better. My Mums reaction when we told her (at about 5 weeks) was literally ‘oh I wondered as I knew you’d be ovulating on your honeymoon! – she knew as I started my period one week before the wedding). 

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