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23 Weeks Pregnant – First Baby, first grandchild

With just under 18 weeks to go, things are full speed ahead, but she feels ready and happy to share how she is feeling just over halfway in her pregnancy.

What’s the best piece of pregnancy advice you’ve received so far? This is our first pregnancy, it’s first grandchild in the family, and both my partner and I are first in our friend groups to have a baby. So, we don’t get too much advice, but oh man, the grandparents are excited! I am very grateful to have the support we have on both sides.

Any morning Sickness? I didn’t have morning sickness; I mainly just felt a bit tired and groggy. I have however constantly hiccupped throughout this journey which my co-workers make fun of saying, “ribbet!” I had zero appetite in my first trimester meaning toast for dinner, however now in 2nd trimester it’s come back in full force. The strangest thing, not sick the whole first trimester, and then I do two prenatal Pilates class, and throw up in both! It makes me a little scared to return…

Will you find out babys gender? In terms of elaborating on other parts of pregnancy, we both decided we wanted to know the gender when we could, which is a boy! Everyone in the circle except for grandparents thought boy (including my partner) so I wasn’t surprised when he was a boy. However, me being a girl with no brothers, I find it a bit of ‘the unknown’! But either way we would’ve been happy.

My partner and I don’t actually live together yet, and neither of us have ever lived with partners, so this year will be a massive year of changes. From moving in together from flatting situations for the first time this August, to having our baby in October, many firsts to come!

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