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    Is Cord Blood Banking Worth it? Why I turned it down.

    Exactly two years ago, when I was pregnant with Teddy, I was approached by a Cord Blood Banking Company and asked to become a “friend of the brand”. I was offered the cord blood collection kit (valued at $2,900) for free, as contra for social media posting of “why you decided to save your baby’s cord blood”. If I shared a code ‘meg’ I would also receive the first year’s storage ($225 value) for free. I hadn’t thought of our Cord Blood Banking decision since, but this week, that discussion and our ultimate decision was raised again by one of my followers, and I re-shared an instagram post I made…

  • what-i-wish-id-done-pregnant

    What I wish I’d done while Pregnant (and what I wouldn’t do)

    Pregnancy is a time to really be kind to yourself, both physically and mentally, so do only what you have the energy and and appetite to do – otherwise, get as much rest as you can. Besides rest, here’s what else I’d do more of if I was pregnant again (and what I wouldn’t). I would… (if I could) Stay as active as I could, within reason. My recovery from my first pregnancy was quite a lot easier than my second, and I attribute much of that to staying fit and doing strength-training a couple of times a week. While I had a lot of lifting a toddler during my…