• What foods should you avoid when pregnant?

    What foods should you avoid when pregnant?

    What foods should you avoid when pregnant? Please say my brunch benedict with smoked salmon is still on the menu…? Heartbreakingly, no. On the 20th of September I said goodbye to anything involving raw, unpasteurised egg, raw or smoked fish, and rare meat, and began to scrutinise everything else. Pregnancy food restrictions are to avoid listeria, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, mercury poisoning from fish or other food-borne bacteria that could be harmful, or even deadly, to your baby. As well as avoiding foods, getting proper nutrition is important for a healthy pregnancy, and your body requires an additional dose of certain vitamins at this time, so you should be taking a prenatal/folic…

  • found out I'm pregnant now what
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    My Pregnancy Journal: I just found out I’m pregnant! Now what?

    I’m 29, I don’t use contraception, and I have regular sex with my husband… yet I just found out I’m pregnant and I’ve never felt so unprepared or surprised. To give you a little more perspective, I’ve had hypothalamic amenorrhea for around four years, rendering me infertile. I had my first period in February, and just a few irregular ones in the seven months since. We (mostly I) thought becoming pregnant was going to be a journey frought with difficulty and challenges. That’s not to say it still won’t be, but I have just found out I’m pregnant, I have no idea¬†how many weeks I am (irregular periods, and all…