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18 Weeks Pregnant – Surrogate Pregnancy

Baby is the size of a: Capsicum.

Cravings: Carbs! Give me all the hot chips!

Symptoms: Nothing currently so enjoying these few weeks before heartburn kicks in!

I’ve been feeling: Great! Time is absolutely flying by! I’m so busy with my own three kids that I don’t really get a chance to stop and think or dwell too much. 

My partner has been: The most incredibly supportive guy in the world. Having your wife carry a child for another couple isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence, but he’s been with me every step of the way, my biggest supporter, will go to the supermarket late at night to get mint chocolate and puts up with my mood swings. 

I feel anxious about: Hormones post birth. Being a surrogate, bubs obviously goes to parents from birth and I CAN NOT wait to witness this incredible moment but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t apprehensive about how I’ll feel in the weeks following. My heart will be happy, it’ll just be an adjustment period of waiting for my body to settle and realise it’s all good. 

When I need to relax I: Jump in a scolding hot shower, comfy pjs then bed! I’m a total Nana and not ashamed to admit it!

When I see my body I feel: Incredibly proud! It grew and nourished my three children, was home to my three angel babies if only for a short time and is now helping to make another couple’s dream come true. I will never take that for granted.

The most helpful person to talk to recently has been: Two friends who have also been surrogates. These amazing women have been a wealth of knowledge and guidance and I’m so grateful to be able to flick them a message at any time.

Diet/exercise/sleep/stress: My diet is fairly standard except the hot chips I’m living on! Exercise is pretty much non-existent however I’m all my feet all day at work. Sleep is good (touch wood!) Stress is inevitable being a busy working mum and also studying part time but I’m a sucker for punishment! Just have to take each day as it comes….

If I could say anything to baby right now it would be: It’s not my baby but I can’t wait to meet my little womb mate, you have the most amazing Dad’s waiting patiently for you!

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