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    34 Weeks pregnancy jounral: with number 2!

    Week 34 My Baby is the size of a: Butternut Squash (and feeling like it)My weight: 70kg – I was unlucky to be incredibly sick for the first 4 months but lucky to not have put any weight on so far… win win, lose win?? Cravings: Birth Symptoms: PGP, SPD, reflux, fatigue I’ve been feeling: Increasingly desperate to give birth, I’ve come to appreciate and be grateful for the immense difference between not enjoying pregnancy and still being incredibly grateful and excited about meeting my new small human. I was feeling guilty for not appreciating and enjoying being pregnant the way I did the first time but have since realised that this pregnancy has been so far…

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    13 Weeks Twin Pregnancy – Second Pregnancy, Non-Identical Twins, Post-Partum Depression

    Babies are the size of: A peapod (two peas in a pod) Cravings: Apple Juice Symptoms: Reflux, indigestion, constipation. Food aversions to almost everything! I’ve been feeling:  A bit anxious about how life will change with two newborns (I have a 23 month old son who is my absolute heart and soul and I can’t quite grasp sharing my attention with three children soon). I’m also scared about the postpartum period, I HATE postpartum, I had PPD and I don’t have my mother in the country to help me but I have my mother in law which is better than nothing I guess? Can you tell us about your experience being diagnosed with…

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    16 Weeks Pregnant – Gender Anxiety/Disappointment, What I’ll do differently as a Second Time Mum

    If you haven’t already, you can read this second time Mum’s 15 Weeks Pregnant Entry, where she touches on her gender surprise, the feelings she has towards her body, and what advice she would give (trust me, it’s an awesome read!) 16 Weeks Pregnant – Baby is the size of an Avocado I am feeling anxious… I am anxious about sleep at the moment! Having an almost 2 year old who does not sleep well at all is really stressful and I feel really isolated in terms of support. And by that I mean by people who are willing to help with that area. I am the only one who…

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    15 Weeks Second Pregnancy – Guilt, Body Hate, Gender Surprise

    This incredible Mother of one generously shares her pregnancy journal entries for week 15 of her pregnancy, and I know her openness and honesty is going to be really valuable for others who aren’t loving their pregnancy journeys so far and/or are struggling with body issues. She says: I always feel so guilty because both pregnancies have been symptom free, I’ve been able to continue to work and exercise normally but I also really struggle mentally. As I HATE my body, I HATE the thought of having to ‘recover’ and ‘get my body back’ whatever that means. But it also doesn’t mean I don’t love the babies I’ve carried. It’s…

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    36 Weeks Pregnancy Journal: Simone Anderson

    Simone Anderson shares her pregnancy journal entry for week 36 of her pregnancy, read on to find out how she is feeling with being four weeks out from her due date of July 9th! Week: 36 Baby is the size of a? Winter melon… what is a winter melon haha you tell me “Preggers” app. Weight/ weight gain: 14.5kg gain sitting at 99.5kg. Cravings? Weetbix bites and lots of them haha!  Symptoms? Starting to get tiny amount of colostrum.  How have you been feeling emotionally? I am a very emotional person so was worried with how I would be but Trent has said I’m very much the same… still a…

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    My Pregnancy Diary: 6 Weeks Pregnant

    I am always overjoyed to share in your news and excitement of pregnancy! Many of my followers and previous little white book customers get in touch when they find out their amazing news, telling me they’re going to buy a pregnancy journal and also asking how I felt during early pregnancy. I started my own made with love pregnancy journal with both pregnancies so I thought it might actually be useful to share the contents of my own pregnant diary entries here, in the hope that it will help those who are going through the same emotions. I’ve copied the format of the journal for these questions, so if you…